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Linnaea Design sits on an old homestead in the Animas Valley of Southwest Colorado. After Marje Cristol and Duncan Rothwell bought the property they replaced their lawns with flowerbeds and filled their orchard with blossoming shrubs and beehives. They planted the gardens with flowers inspired by Dutch Masters' paintings, English cottage gardens, and the ephemeral, high mountain wildflowers of Colorado.


The flowers have become a palette for expression, whether held in the hands of a lovely bride, gracing dining tables at a special event, or as a work of art, created for the pleasure of the moment.


Linnaea designs are described as luscious and romantic, airy and ethereal, whimsical and quirky. 



We provide floral design using our own sustainably grown flowers as well as blooms and foliage from local farms and the woods and forests that surround us.


Our goal is to design with a focus on unusual varieties that provide gorgeous unique pieces. We are proud that sourcing locally means good health for the environment and sumptuous flowers picked at their peak for our clients. Our sustainable practices focus on sourcing as locally as possible, choosing organic when available, and using renewable and recyclable resources.


We take special care to share the florals after an event with those in our community who might need a special gift of flowers. We are committed to donating a portion of our proceeds to social justice programs focusing on equity.



We provide florals for weddings and events as well as floral installations, botanical couture, editorial commercial shoots, and floral art. 


What is the process of becoming a client?

The process starts with an initial email or phone call to us, detailing the date of your event and a description of the arrangements/designs you would like to have included. We will work with you to provide a cost estimate. Once accepted, a deposit is secured and the date is saved for your event. We then meet with you to create a detailed vision of your event and provide a final proposal. Changes can be made up to two weeks prior to your date. 


How much do florals cost?

The cost of florals varies depending on a number of factors. For a wedding, most brides typically plan 10-12% of their wedding budget on florals. 


How many weddings do you do each year?

We work with 8-10 weddings each year. The select events we do each season allow us to provide a personalized relationship with our brides. Our goal is to work with wedding planners, venues, and photographers to provide for a seamless event. Flowers are grown most abundantly on the farm from May through September.


Are you willing to travel for a wedding?

Yes! We love adventure.

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